Window Tinting

I would like to have the windows in the back of the car glued, is it legally ok, won’t I have a problem with it, for example, at the technical control?

You don’t have to worry about that at all. All the materials we use meet the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and are in accordance with legislation. In addition, the implementation will be provided with an attestation label and you will receive a certificate of professional execution of the installation.

I often drive children in the car, will covering the windows prevent the interior of the car from overheating at least partially in the summer?

Yes, glass with a dark foil protects, among other things, the interior parts of the car from overheating.

What are the general advantages of auto glass foil?

Films from branded manufacturers protect against harmful UV radiation, help protect the interior of the car from overheating and also act as a preventive measure against car theft. And last but not least, dark foils are very attractive in appearance.


I found inspiration on the internet and would like to stick the car in a similar way, is it possible to bring a photo as template?

Definitely yes. If you have found inspiration and have an idea of ​​how your car should look, we will be happy. The template can be just an inspiration, which we will help you bring to perfection according to your idea.

Doesn’t the car sticker begin to peel of after a while? And what if that happens?

In our work, we only use materials from renowned companies and strictly follow the prescribed procedures. If this should happen despite all this, you can arrange a repair with us.

I’d like to have just the roof of the car painted, but I am undecided on a specific color and would like to see what it looks like. Is a computer simulation possible, or can i find swatches of foil shades at your place?

In our studio, we will be happy to show you samples of all foils and visualizations, of course. Perhaps the gallery of already realized stickers will give you a clue, which we will be happy to go through with you when choosing.

Is it possible to have company cars also stickered at your place? We don’t want to make stickers for the whole car, but only the logo on selected parts of the car. I have graphic materials available.

We carry out stickers of company cars quite often, both in the form of full-surface stickers and also only by sticking logos and inscriptions. If you have already processed materials, stop by us, we will be happy to create a visualization for you and realize the stickers according to your requirements.

We have a rough idea of the stickers on company cars. But we don’t have a visualization, is it possible to contact you with this request as well?

Certainly yes, we will be very happy if you entrust us with such a task. Together with you, we will create an attractive and interesting sticker that will make your company cars unmissable.


What is the lifespan of a protective ppf film applied to the entire car.

The service life of a high-quality, professionally applied polyurethane film is up to ten years.

If I don’t want to apply the ppf film to the whole car, it is possible to choose specific parts of the car that I want to protect.

Certainly yes, and it is a fairly frequent service. Application is possible on the front part of the car, hood, thresholds, doors or even headlights. The scope of implementation is entirely up to you.

an the interior parts of the car, for examplethe dashboard, be protected with ppf adhesive?

Yes, protection of excessively stressed parts in the car interior, including parts of the dashboard, is among the services that are in high demand and implemented.

Will the car’s paint be damaged when removing the protective foil?

Definitely not. You can also contact us for professional foil removal, you will get the car back in its original condition.

Does the car need to be prepared in any way before application?

Certainly yes, all dirt must be removed from the car, it must be perfectly washed and completely dried. But we will do all this as part of the service.